These Are 3 Of My Favorite Artists Currently . . . Don’t Miss Out

Trace Kotik – “Hesitant”

We have thoroughly been impressed with the music we receive from Israel. Truly, this is one of the surprising musical scenes in the world. Case in point, songwriter Trace Kotik. The artist pours talent on every slow burning moment of “Hesitant”. The track soars with hopeful and impressive vocal croons, while sonically . . . wow. It is correct to call it a slow burn, but when the track picks up, it almost combusts. Starting in the folk arena, it ends in a more alt rock anthemic place that will last in ears and hearts, long after the track ends. This is a beautiful first taste of an act we already love.

Nicky Egan – “Run Run”

The sound and style of songwriter Nicky Egan reminds us of why we run this site. Honestly, we would be hard pressed to find a smoother vocalist than the gifted songstress. There is a soulful elegance in her sound, which is only enhanced by her producer and Dap-Kings guitarist Joe Crispiano. Egan has a knack for developing tight tracks that pop and sizzle – two words I have never used to describe an act but seem appropriate here. The haunted track plays out perfectly like a dark road trip to the desert. Lucky for us, she is putting the finishing touches on a ten song LP, This Life, which should find its way into our ears shortly. Until then, we urge you to let the smooth groove of “Run Run” be your new favorite jam.

Okay Mann – “A Lot”

There seems to be an embarrassment of riches in the art of Katlin Mathison. The young songwriter behind Okay Mann continues to impress us with his ever evolving sound. Somewhere between fan favorites Death Cab for Cutie and Gaslight Anthem, is where you will find “A Lot”. We often hesitate to draw comparisons like this in fear of minimizing the talent we cover. But in this case, we want to show just how incredible the songwriting and performing talent of Okay Mann truly is. Vocally and lyrically, it is just as fantastic as these two bands, while bringing a more modern sound that merges the ache they often describe so beautifully. While there is so much rich talent that we cover regularly, the music of Okay Mann is in a rare league of his own. Impressive, restrained, and wonderfully hopeful, “A Lot” is worth all the affection it will undoubtedly receive, just like the artist who has quickly became one of our site favorites.

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