Gretta Ray: Meaningful and Must Hear Pop

Gretta Ray – “Bigger Than Me”

We are living in an interesting time for pop music. The genre, which is often handled with scorn, is having an awakening. For awhile, we have looked suspiciously any track smelling of a large “pop” (whatever that means) sound. However, in the last few years, we have been warmed by some of the brightest songwriters who just happen to also reside in pop territory.

Take for example songstress Gretta Ray. Her sound is incredibly intriguing. On “Bigger Than Me”, we find an artist who immediately steals our preference and ears. There is no doubt it will connect with a mainstream audience. This is not because it is “pop”, but rather, because it is incredible. Of course, we danced a little, but it is also musically tight and concise. Lyrically, it again is catchy as hell, but because it is authentic and brimming with songwriting talent, genre be damned.

If the future of pop music is bright, it is because of artists like Gretta Ray are at the forefront. Thoughtful and inspiring, Ray is a must hear.

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