The Satellite Station Shares ‘Simple Miracles’

If you have been following our site for awhile, chances are you welcomed the music of The Satellite Station into your ears with joy. The moniker of talented songwriter Travis Rue, the project is pure haunting and impressive folk – stripped down and brimming with passion. It only helps that the artist resides in Ohio, our own home base. For readers outside of the Buckeye state, this physical context is important in explaining his work. The Midwest has a way of humbling with its winters and work ethic. We see that humility in one of our favorite songwriters. He creates impressive yet down to earth pieces that are sure to elicit empathy, contemplation, and joy. While The Satellite Station has talent to spare, it never comes from a place of ego but rather Ohio grit. The songwriter comes across as a working class artist, a kind of everyday man, that listeners can connect to.

His latest project is a stripped back EP entitled Simple Miracles. The songs truly showcase a genuinely creative force who many will fall in love with musically. The title track is a sort of lullaby that questions our creation, while also showing just how affecting a voice Rue possess. The chorus, “we are all simple miracles”, is both affirming and melancholic.

“Growing Old” is another gem on the EP. Again, themes of existence and longing are fully present, yet with an undercurrent of hope, the artist shows how capable he is of connecting to the many shades of the human experience. This might be one of our favorites from an artist who wields a catalogue of great work. If we were to have our friends listen to one track to understand the artist, it would be this one.

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