Paper Anthem: : : Glorious Rock You NEED to Hear

Paper Anthem – “Sunday”

We have had our ear on songwriter Joseph Hitchcock for awhile. The artist has continued to put out intriguing and affecting tracks for years now. With his newest act, Paper Anthem, he lives up to his immense talent. Odds are, you have already heard some of his work under this moniker on various ads and shows. With “Sunday”, the lyrics come fast and fierce as the sound increases to an almost combustible conclusion. We often lament at not getting to cover much rock, well with “Sunday”, we got exactly what our ears have been craving. It could be classified a little as Post Punk, but whatever it is, it is absolutely glorious. The performance video helps to see the intensity which they play, but also makes us desperately miss live music. We hope to see this act soon and we know we will not be the only ones.

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