Three unconventional yet fantastic examples of indie rock in early 2021 (with a song of the year candidate)

Morningbird – “Who knew”
-Honestly, it’s early doors on 2021 but Morningbird might be my favorite band making new music right now. This song absolutely shreds. It’s got a psych rock energy to it at times, but the vocals and overall mix is absolutely incredible. This is one of those tracks that the band makes feel really easy, but these chord changes are insanely difficult. It’s like someone captured the spirit of George Harrison and let it loose on 2021 production techniques. This one is a banger and making my 2021 song of the year contender list.

Bill Jr Jr – “Blue”
-There’s a bit of banter in the opening of this track and then the band gets rolling… it starts off with an introspective vibe, chill to the max. The more I listened, though, the more I started to feel the groove getting deep down inside. I appreciate the narrative, unhurried energy of the track. It reminds me of some specific people from my life who just seem to take life in stride. It’s about dealing with your emotions and going on anyways. I love the electric guitar riffs, the awkwardly poetic lyrics, and an overall mood that makes me want to listen just one more time…

Becca Mancari – “Annie”
-When this track opens up, it feels like a mid-60s cinematic piece of music. It’s got this gorgeous string part in the background with a glorious lead vocal. It doesn’t feel much like a rock track initially, but this is the beauty of rock n’ roll. It’s not the gruff, guitar-solo laden kind of rock music. It’s a full sound, expressive, and emotional. The repeated “I’ll be there” is full of as much emotion and attitude as any hit rock tune you know. Open your mind and try this one — it’s captivating!

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