Will Chant Dreams and Surprises

We swooned when we heard the voice of songwriter Will Chant. His vocal vibes are similar to that of Mason Jennings and we are so here for his artistic expression. The sound of “How Fast Do You Like to Drive” is intentionally dreamy and beautiful. The artist explained he wrote this during quarantine to represent “dream state I found myself in to escape the present. It’s about longing for an experience, whether it be a positive one, or one I end up regretting. The production is meant to match that energy, with a soft folky aesthetic contrasted with an abrupt awakening near the end of the song.”

Like a dream, it builds towards a disrupting climax before sliding back into a soft reprieve. We are lucky to hear songwriters like Chant who are fantastic storytellers and can match it with such a succinct sound. We were left wanting to not only hear more, but spend more time in the dream he constructs.

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