Breakout Artist Ashley Jana Wows

Young singer songwriter Ashley Jana has an impressive amount of drive. The NYC based artist has released a steady stream of affecting pop tunes that continue to find their way onto shows and playlists alike. While we are careful to publicize a lot of what could be considered “pop”, her vulnerable and authentic style makes it impossible to ignore. The songwriter shows a rare originality in her work, while crossing genre lines with ease. Her piano playing – the way she sets a mood of longing – is incredible. “If I Stay With You” is a perfect example of her classical chops and belies an artist who will never be comfortable in a specific style.

“I Can’t Make You Love Me” is a nod to the classic track, while still showcasing a newer mode of expression. The artist pairs this with her own “I Can Make You Love Me” which is a classic piece of piano pop that should have no difficulty finding itself placed on advertisements. “You Don’t Own Me” is an empowering ballad that shows Jana’s vocal strengths as well as her mature restraint.

What we appreciate most from Ashley Jana is her authenticity. Her sound feels personal and not manufactured. This makes a world of difference and is what continues to place her above the many pop artists currently at work. With the current state of the world, her introspective piano driven pop has a calming and almost healing ability.

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