The BEST of the BEST From This Week

Field Division – “Manifest”

This is not the typical track we cover. Yet, as soon as we heard the swooning style, we could not resist. Lots of descriptions come to mind: dreamy, hazy, strangely folkish, psych. All of these do little to fully capture what the Texas duo create. There is so much to like about the act and how they seamlessly dodge through genre like some sort of astral plane. Even listeners who do not generally dig Psych elements, will for sure grab something here they love.

Ugly Smile – “Caution”

We have been getting an increasing amount of solid rock tunes lately. We love every moment of it, but we still do not know why. Perhaps, it is the Pandemic and political fuckery that has generated such loud jams. No matter the why behind it, our first introduction to rock act Ugly Smile had us wanting more. Vocally, listeners will definitely hear a bit of Foo Fighters within “Caution”. Musically, they play fast and tightly, reminding us of Minus the Bear while touching on some Math rock. The guitar solo later on in the track brings a different element to their sound however. We hope they continue to explore this space as we think it is one of many strengths.

Baneful Town – “You and No One Else”

We have covered this act before and continue to fall in love with their rich sound. We really value the way they nod to styles which have gone before, while still crafting tight and affecting tracks we love. On their latest effort, “You and No One Else”, the Canadian act show a Wilco / George Harrison style. Their great at constructing easy going love songs that can connect to a large audience. In times like these, it is definitely appreciated.

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