Three new tracks pushing the definition of “country” music

Nathaniel David Knox – “Place of their own”
-A country song about settling down with someone you love. Yes! It’s charming, endearing, and blends together a lot of timeless American music styles. Maybe this one is more appropriately called Americana, but I’m absolutely here for it. I love the accent with the clarinet and the overall joyful perspective. The energy on the chorus with the range of instruments and the solid lead vocal makes for a quintessential American narrative love song. It’s so sweet, honestly.

Megan Lacy – “Carolina”
-Megan Lacy’s acoustic-driven country music style feels like everything you miss about good music on the radio. The vocal is boldly expressive, the melody unique and engaging, with the whole production feeling like a track you need in your life. It’s a driving song. It’s a crying song. It’s a writing song. And it’s sure a love song. I admire the balanced production that allows Lacy’s vocal to take center stage (where it should be) on this wonderful track. This is the kind of country music that wins my heart every time.

The Uncvnny – “June’s Town”
-If you’re looking for true narrative country music, give a spin to this new song “June’s Town.” It will remind you of traveling those old classic American roads. They have numbers but only a few lanes. There are little towns along the way with diners, begging you to stop for a few minutes. The acoustic storytelling vibe is really wonderful on this one. If you like narrative country or even relaxed classic rock, check out this song. I don’t know for sure, but I bet you can get a great slice of pie and a good cup of coffee in June’s town. I’d like to find out.

Image courtesy: Megan Lacy Website

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