Three neoclassical pieces for a contemplative and relaxing playlist

Igor Longhi – “La Luna”
-I appreciate the cathartic style of the piano in this piece. It seems to lull the listener from the very start. The melody moves without feeling rushed. The overall style is calming and helps me to be introspective. If you are looking for a contemplative piece of music for your own playlist, definitely consider Longhi’s latest track.

CrusaderBeach – “Afterglow”
-From the first time I clicked on this piece of music, I knew it was something special. There’s a cinematic, almost epic storytelling energy to the song’s construction. It’s hard to explain exactly how the piece develops, but it has a really creative style. I guess it feels like unfolding a paper or unlocking a door. There’s a sense of wonder and discovery throughout the track. It’s very powerful and worth your consideration.

Bastice – “Dawn”
-This is a magical little piece of music. Okay, I mean, I understand that it’s a real piano making real music, but it feels magical to me. It’s dreamy and makes my mind wander. I don’t know exactly why the song has the title of “Dawn,” but if you’ve ever woken up to the possibilities of a new day with the sunrise, you might relate to the piece even more. It feels like a rich, magical dream.

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