Three new unconventional folk tracks to get your new week going

Esper – “A crook and a cage”
-The easy going acoustic style here will help calm you in the midst of some crazy times. The relaxed energy of the lead vocal mixes well with the intimacy of the guitar style. The overall mix is something that you didn’t know you needed, but will make you breath a deep sigh of relief. Close your eyes gently and focus on this one. It’s got something deep down in it that will make you feel noticed. It sure did for me.

The Day Dreamers – “Carried Away”
-If vocal harmonies are your thing (you’re in the right place!) then this is a track that you’ll want to click “play” on right away. Something about the rock energy feels like a cross between timeless pop music and a sort of unconventional early 90s alt rock vibe. But the harmonies are what really steal my heart with this one. It’s so intriguing and truly stand out. Spin it for your friends and watch them glow with joy!

Jon Hayes – “Nursery Lie”
-The atmospheric pop energy of this track really makes it feel powerful. The vocal strains (in a good way) into an emotional high register at times. The acoustic guitar is the heart of the piece, pulling together the atmospheric and vocal elements for an engaging overall style. I don’t have an easy comparison for this song, but fans of acoustic pop will take notice here.

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