TOLEDO: Storm Back With Impressive Indie Pop

At this point, duo TOLEDO have a solid grasp on their sound. It is incredibly dreamy and heartfelt, with every track a better exploration of sound than the last. Throughout the years, no band has been received with as much fanfare on Submithub than this one. In a sea of incredible indie pop sounds, TOLEDO is near the top in our ears and hearts. The Brooklyn act continues to impress in their latest batch of tunes.

“Sunday Funday” is quintessential dream pop with a conscience. Like many of their tracks, lyrically it is deep enough for a few listens. Tackling alcoholism and family, this is a real gem of a track which many will connect to. “You Won’t” plays in similar spaces, but the guitar part really carries this one. Vocally it has some solid falsetto parts that play well, weaving in and out of the wall of sound created.

“Needer” touches on how the act were forced to shelter back home for the last year. It relates a lot of the feelings of 20-somethings in the age of pandemic. It sort of leaves listeners feeling unresolved, much like the feeling of this time. It is an intentional piece that shows how artful the duo truly are.

Expect to hear more from TOLEDO as they continue to release thoughtful and tightly crafted tracks. Of course, we will share them as we cannot quite raving about these young lads.

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