Breakout Artists for 2021

DD Walker – “Only Two at the Start”

This one is incredibly dreamy. The soulful vocals give us a certain calm we appreciate in this stressful time. The guitar carries the track in a loop that is equally as affecting. DD Walker is a pro at crafting a textured sound – introducing new elements throughout. Recorded, mixed, and produced in his bedroom, we think DD Walker has an incredible talent for creating an entire track that intrigues on every level. There are few artists that excite us as much as DD Walker.

Grae – “Soft”

Songwriter Grae is one of our favorite artists. Her ability to craft textured indie pop styles makes her a force in the genre. On “Soft”, the artist gives a richly alluring vocal performance that will continue to win fans of listeners. Due to her use of TikTok, her Billboard presence has grown with a “Top 30 Pop Song of 2020”. She has really come into her own in style and substance and will be a fascinating watch for 2021.

Joel Ansett – “Just Fine”

It is difficult to fully classify the style of Ansett. He mixes soulful vocals with downtempo instrumentation and folk ethos. Whatever you call it, the end product is tight, compelling, and beautiful. The artist has accrued millions of streams with placement in the Netflix series The Punisher, among others. His talent will continue to impress those who have not had the experience of his art yet. We fully believe he will continue to be a breakout artist in 2021.

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