Luke De-Sciscio: : : Site Favorite Songwriter Continues to Shine

By now, our affinity for this songwriter is evident. His creative song structure is unlike anything we have heard in recent years. The talent of De-Sciscio is how he crafts a type of sonic mood that stays longer than the track plays. The UK songwriter is a veteran at this point, continually challenging musical boundaries that limit many artists.

On “Uneasy Paradise”, the artist plays with themes of chaos and tranquility that define our current times. “Lithium will set me right” he croons as if to debate the merits of such a step. In his music, we sometimes get so lost in the dreamy sound that we miss some of his clever lyrics. “Uneasy Paradise” is timely, vulnerable, and shows the magic with which this artist summons with his unique sound.

“Pulling on Each Other (LOL)” showcases the artist’s skill at crafting alluring poetry. His imagery and the way he sings it makes for an almost Dylan-esque track, yet built for this modern age. Vocally, De-Sciscio often receives Dylan comparisons, but this is more apparent in some tracks than others. On his more confessional and straightforward (if this is possible for such an artist) tracks, he does seem to lean into the giants of the past. Yet, his originality shines through in all he does.

The new album by Luke De-Sciscio entitled Extended Folk Boy Playlist is out now and continues to show the meaningful evolution of a compelling artist.

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