Three peaceful neoclassical tracks to improve your week

ARTur Moon – “Relax”
-The track is actually called “Relax” so you can tell the mood it’s going for right away. Unbelievably, undeniably peaceful, this is the kind of music that is why I say I am a fan of neoclassical. The piano allows for space for the mind to wander into all sorts of unique places. Yet, at the same time, there’s a very inspiring, hopeful “message” from Moon’s playing. I really like this… everything about it.

Isle’r – “Through the glass”
-The melody of this piece is calmly repetitive. This is a cathartic piece that allows the piano to literally lull the listener. I appreciate that it is unhurried, but moves well. It’s the kind of track that inspires the listener to maybe read or write or study. This is definitely an intriguing neoclassical piece.

Lucas Forch – “Apart”
-I appreciate the brightness of this piece of music. Too often people think of neoclassical music as being understated. This track has an energy that emerges from the piano strings brilliantly. I appreciate the melodic loop here, which creates space for new variations to evolve throughout the track. I don’t know if the title is in reference to our societal distancing right now or if it’s more metaphorical, but both feel worth consideration while contemplating this evocative piece.

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