Three new folk acts to get your week off to a great start

Dirty Bird – “Thoughts from home”
-This is a band that kind of defies genres for me. There’s a clear folk energy to the composition and style, yet something about them feels like a different sort of alt rock as well. The harmonies and overall folk vibe at times remind me of Fleet Foxes, while other times they have shades of their 1960s forebearers in this great tradition. Either way, it’s a sound that you should get into your ears PRONTO!

Constant Strangers – “Lie”
-There’s an acoustic folk energy to this track that really sets the tone. The solo vocal is outstanding. The overall production does a nice job of fitting within the genre while also standing on its own for artistry and outright beauty. The question, “how do I still lie with you?” has a pointed resonance. The male counterpoint vocal is also quite moving. When the two connect, the song takes on a new life. This is a well-written and produced track.

Max Garcia Conover – “world war 3 is gonna be so dumb”
-I rarely evoke this comparison, but something about Conover’s style reminds me of the great John Prine. There’s a plaintive expressive lyrical style that defines the track. The song is as much a strumming poem as it is a proper folk song. This is the kind of thing that would make Pete Seeger happy. If you’re a fan of the kind of folk that bares the truth and makes you think hard realities, give this one a spin.

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