Mothica: Vulnerable and Compelling Songwriting

Mothica – “Forever Fifteen”

It is a rare talent for an act to be able to balance a tight sound with an inspirational and compelling message. The alt electro pop of “Forever Fifteen” is sharp and tight, but it is the message that forever bonded us with the track. The heart of songwriter Mothica comes out in conviction and heart on the track. A decade after nearly completing suicide, the artist looks back and is able to bridge the gap between artist and listener with her earnest vulnerability.

She further explains the track:

“I wrote down “forever fifteen” in my notes when I realized that if my suicide attempt had worked, I would forever be remembered that way. Coming up on the 10 year anniversary of that, I wanted to write a song that really captured that restless feeling I had as a teenager. I was incredibly self-destructive, doing anything I could to get out of my head. I asked my followers to submit their own stories with self-harm and received over 2000 submissions that I’ll be using in the music video for the song. This is definitely my most vulnerable release yet.”

Mothica is someone we admire, not only for her honesty, but her style. The way she blends genre and textures shows her strength. The Oklahoma City based songwriter has an EP to her credit and a massive Tik Tok following that has helped boost her rise. Look for more buzz to be generated by her in the new year.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, there is help. Please call the Suicide Hotline at: 800-273-8255 or text the Crisis Text Line at 741-741

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