Is it indie rock? Indie pop? Let’s call it indie pop rock and all have a good time!

Wax Owls – “Stay awhile”
-There’s an atmospheric style to this track that makes it stand out for me in a crowded indie rock scene. I appreciate the close connection between the rock and folk elements of this track. The lyrics create a sense of being together despite the circumstances. It seems to be focusing on the importance of reconciliation and seeing redemption. I appreciate the blending of styles and the hopeful energy here.

The Barker Brothers – “Sober up”
-Take some folk-inspired strings and add in a nice indie rock beat — that’s what we have here with the Barker Brothers. The energy puts me in mind of a band like Fleet Foxes. The lyrics are quite hard hitting. “If we don’t sober up we will hit the floor.” It’s about being close to losing everything. I’m not sure if this is a metaphor or actually, candidly about sobering up. It seems to take on some larger social issues, so I would say it’s the former. That said, we agree with the sentiments here and the spirit of the delivery; let’s all take care to stand up for peace and truth. I dig this more than I can put into words, to be fair.

Ewan Patrick – “Two hearts”
-The initial energy of the track is more acoustic folk than rock, but stick with the track. Trust on this one. Around the 2:30 mark the vocals really soar out over the track. This is the kind of slow developing love song that we don’t get enough. All of you “lover not fighter” types out there will really enjoy the peaceful, almost cinematic style of this one. It’s more folk than rock throughout, but it definitely has elements of several styles. Give it a spin and get lost in the atmospheric beauty of this track.

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