Three new singer songwriter tracks that you want on your 2021 playlist all year

Marie Naffah – “Wasteland”
-If you like bluesy pop rock in the vein of Amy Winehouse, you’ll dig Marie Naffah’s music a great deal. Another good comp for this new track from Naffah is Grace Potter. The power in the lead vocal here is absolutely outstanding. But more than just soaring on the chorus, Naffah’s quality shines through on the verses as well. This is a tour de force. If you don’t already follow Naffah, now’s the time to start listening to this remarkable rising star in bluesy pop rock music.

Kris Orlowski – “Take it all back”
-I tend to think of Orlowski as being more of a modern folk artist, so I was surprised to hear this new track that fits more in the pop singer songwriter vein. There’s a raw, “heart on the sleeve” sincerity in Orlowski’s writing here. The electric guitar provides the main catalyst to the track, but Orlowski’s driving pop vocal sets this one apart from others in the genre. This one will find a home on a lot of indie playlists this year and deservedly so.

Welshly Arms – “I will overcome”
-I’ve covered Welshly Arms a few times in the past few years and I think I always think the same thing — these guys are so good! I should listen to them more! This new track “I will overcome” has a gospel root to it that I really appreciate. The soaring vocals on this one will have you singing along. The driving rhythm is perfect for that hopeful sense as we, culturally, continue digging ourselves out of the hole here in 2021. Let me put it to you this way; I like this so much I put it on my own personal playlist for optimism in 2021. Let’s goooooo fam!

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