Three emerging singer songwriters for your consideration

The Gills – “Windless sail”
-I appreciate the throwback folk energy of this track. The harmonies remind me of something we might have heard back in the 60s or early 70s. I found the electric guitar solo to be particularly cool as well. The whole composition comes together for something genre-bending in the best way. Take a minute to spin this evocative folk singer songwriter track.

corner club – “too good”
-To give you an indication how I feel about this track, the first thing I did was put it on our “chilled out” playlist on Soundcloud. The subtle energy here really feels like a lullaby. There are a lot of artists who try to create this vibe, but this band does it exceptionally well. It’s definitely possible to be in a relationship where you’re “too good for each other.” This is a sad story of a mismatch, but it seems like it all worked out in the end. I adore the feel of this track as much as the sound.

Daniel Milewski – “On the line”
-When you tell people you like to listen to folk singer songwriters, Daniel Milewski is the sound they have in their minds. It’s a dash of Tom Petty, a little Bruce Springsteen, and maybe a little Ryan Adams… it’s gruff and honest. The reflective lyrical energy here is quite enjoyable. Daniel Milewski is going to be on a short list of Americana/folk artists for me to watch in 2021. This track has it all from a great vocal to harmonica and steel guitar. This one’s a gem, friends.

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