Three hidden gems from the past year

Doppio – “The Battle”
-There’s a delightful folk energy to this track. My favorite part is definitely the acoustic guitar. The vocals have an air of sophistication about them. This is the kind of folk music that will appeal to fans of Peter, Paul, and Mary… and similar folk artists of that era.

Kyle Donovan – “Then and now”
-This is a nice, relaxing folk song. I appreciate the connection between the guitar and the piano. The vocal feels familiar, even though I don’t think I’ve heard Donovan before. I really appreciate the chord progression on the chorus. It’s definitely a charming sound overall.

Joel Porter – “St Anthony”
-There’s a soft spoken quality to this track that really makes it stand out. The acoustic guitar picking is exquisite. It’s a fascinating, unique piece of music that puts me in mind of William Fitzsimmons. If you’re looking for unconventional and captivating folk, check this out.

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