Three chilled out Americana tunes for your new week

Olivia Ellen Lloyd – “Loose Cannon”
-This is an incredible song. I like every part of it. I like the acoustic guitar, the lead vocal, and especially the vocal harmonies. The lyrics are introspective and engaging. If you have ever looked back on your life carefully, this will be a relatable song. It’s rare to find a piece of music so well put together in terms of genre, message, and overall production mix. I like this one a lot and I think you will too! Give it a spin.

Jordan Ellis Mobley – “45”
-Sometimes I play music because I want to forget the world around me. Sometimes I play music because I want to make sense of the world around me. Mobley’s song definitely fulfills this latter purpose, causing for some really hard-hitting observations about the world. “Welcome to 45 plus fear of the unknown…” It’s such a powerful lyric, with a hard hitting folk rock energy. I can relate so much to the “agree to disagree” concept at the heart of the song. This one feels very visceral and a bit too true for me. It’s a must listen, especially for fans of Jason Isbell.

Davany – “Keep”
-There’s an experimental folk energy to this track that will definitely stand out for a lot of listeners. I appreciate the plodding rhythm here; it’s unhurried, yet still moves. The crashing rock energy helps to move the track towards a raw and emotional piece. It’s a statement of intention and devotion. It’s not a conventional love song, but it certainly captures some romantic sensibilities. This one is a little off the beaten path in the best way possible.

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