Three emerging folk singer songwriters for your 2021 new music playlist

Mindy Gledhill – “Bring me close”
-This song is a dream. There’s a light, sweet energy to the composition that makes me feel like I’m among the clouds. The gentle, expressive “I could sing your name out loud…” whew! What a beautiful line, well delivered. Even the “ohs” and “ahs” on the bridge are a complete delight. I love the way the piano is the backbone of the piece without taking over the sound. The production allows the vocal to take center stage as it absolutely should. This is a beautiful song.

Cathartic Fall – “Ocean”
-If you can sing like this, you should sing often. Cathartic Fall has one of those excellent, transcendent vocals. I know there’s some production effect (reverb?) on the vocal, but it still is spot on pitch. The keys set a beautiful foundation for the song. The lyrics, though, will really dig deep into your soul if you let them. This is one of those tracks that feels even more powerful if you listen to it more than once. Definitely give Cathartic Fall some of your attention — and you’ll be better for it.

Jack Rabbit – “Gas Money”
-If you’ve ever been infatuated with someone, you will enjoy this song. The line “walk of shame but I’m smiling the whole way” summarizes the message of the song. It’s definitely an unconventional love song… but it captures something that often doesn’t get into lyrics. It’s not a pure love song or even a hook up song; it’s something in between and it feels so undeniably TRUE. Fans of Dodie Clark, Tessa Violet, and Rusty Clanton will adore what Jack Rabbit is doing on this little song.

Image courtesy: Jack Rabbit IG

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