Best For Last: Final Original Xmas Playlist

Broken Fires – “Winter Warmer”

This is definitely a Holiday track we can get behind. Songwriting wise, this may be the best writing we have heard from a “Christmas” song this year. The clever lyrics should not be taken for granted, and deserve a few listens to fully hear what the group is doing. Starting off acoustically, it reminds us of some of the best Frank Turner tracks. “Winter Warmer” encapsulates the best of the Holiday genre and we are more than a little merry to share it.

Sam Newton – “Merry Christmas”

The gift of this one is its melancholic storytelling. While holding the tension of sadness with glimmers of hope, songwriter Sam Newton shows why he is such a talented rising singer. While starting with a introspective piano ballad, we were blown away by the delicate and subdued folk country elements that creep into the sound without overpowering the direction of the track. Abilities like this are unquantifiable, but showcase a talent for constructing a textured sound. This is one of the best we have heard this year.

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