Three neo-classical tunes to help bring calm for winter solstice

Marcello Liverani – “Tangles”
-The calm of this track is cathartic. It’s almost like it was written for the express purpose of helping the listener look inward. In a world that has been (for some of us) chaotically boring or, at best, artificially restful, this type of music is exquisite. Spend some time with the easy going, introspective piano work here. Consider meditation.

Louise-Etienne Santais – “Father”
-There’s something about the light and phrasing of this song that speaks to me deeply and personally. Maybe it’s because I have a lovely father or because I am a father myself, but the theme certainly reminds me of tender moments in the past. It reminds me, mostly, of conversation. The gentle energy here is empowering. The piano speaks volumes, of course, but the spaces of rest are magical as well.

Glenn Natale – “Day dream”
-This is the kind of music most think of when you say “neoclassical.” The piano is immersive and joyful. There’s a calming sense that emerges from each rolling line of the melody. It sounds like a beautiful musicbox or a piece intended for a ballet. I appreciate that the melody feels familiar, but shifts and moves into something beautifully unique in many places. This is why I am a fan of the genre. Breathtaking.

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