Three acoustic folk songs for winter solstice calm

Nanuk – “The family song”
-I love the sincerity of the lyrics in this song. It’s very real and earthy, very honest and open. Sometimes a song feels like it’s peering into your soul and this one did that for me. I like how the production is sparing to allow the vocal and guitar to take center stage. I think a lot of people will relate to the frustrations and the love inherent in this one.

Kyle McNeill – “Heaven somehow”
-This track starts with an easy going acoustic vibe, but grows into a folk rock anthem that will make you really stop and pay attention. It’s a fascinating song that covers a lot of bases, with a great organ and piano combination. This is a timeless sound that we don’t hear enough in music today. Shades of Creedence meet the plainspoken wisdom of Joe Cocker — this one is an absolute hidden gem.

James Ghareeb – “I remember”
-The understated vocal in the opening of this song is mysterious. As you listen more, it really opens up on the chorus. This is a captivating style from James Ghareeb. There’s an intriguing folk rock core to the song. The surrealist lyrics about watching the world pass us by feels like an excellent encapsulation of 2020. It’s a sad, tragic energy to the song… but also one that feels like I should be embracing as the year comes to a close.

Image courtesy: James Ghareeb IG

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