Your Definitive Weekly Holiday Playlist

ilonalowe – “Holy The Night”

This has the nostalgic sway of many classic holiday tracks. Yet, the original from this talented young artist is something guaranteed to warm many listeners. Vocally, we love it, especially as it unfolds throughout the track. Instrumentally, it starts with one feel, before climbing to unexpected heights. This one grows on you and is a heartfelt classic piece of holiday magic.

Bée – “Let it Snow (Dean Martin)”

If you live in the Midwest, this may not be your favorite holiday anthem. Typically, we prefer more 50’s and sunny for December. Yet, the gentle croon of this version may make a few flakes okay. It is perfectly subdued while still showcasing the vocals of the young artist. It is beautifully simple, much like a holiday in 2020. This one carries a certain magic with it we appreciate.

Jill McCracken – “Holidays With You”

This one is hard not to fall in love with. The original track, is a gift of an introduction to an impressive talent. The vocals here make even Grinch-like hearts swoon. Honestly, many tracks like these are forgotten in the new year. Yet with the strength of this poppy and still heartfelt songwriting, we would be hard pressed to forget the voice of McCracken in 2021.

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