3 “Song of the Year” Contenders

Oddnesse – “Hot Air”

This is one of the more surprisingly great tracks we have heard in awhile. The project of songwriter Rebecca Arango, we were reminded of some of our favorite genres throughout “Hot Air”. The shimmering guitars speak of a shoe gaze feel, while the vocals give it more folk sensibilities. The style is seemingly effortless for the talented artist. It has a dreamy quality, complete with abstract lyrics, yet it is intentionally grounded in the year we find ourselves in. This one is beautiful.

C. James – “Words That We Said”

This young songwriter has soul for days. His laidback and textured sound gives us positive vibes to spare. One of our favorite discoveries of 2020, his songwriting is akin to that of Dan Auerbach while still maintaining his own fresh space. Music like his is a balm, soothing our troubled mind. We cannot wait to see what else C. James has in store for the new year.

Harrison Kipner – “Stutter (World Ends)

Is it possible to feel nostalgic over someone else’s life? If so, then we have major nostalgic feels for the songwriting in this track. A sound, drenched in California sunshine, Kipner shares a variety of life experiences in a way that will connect with many. His writing is tight in a way we have rarely seen. It has a pop sense and a killer chorus (complete with a dance routine in the video). If there ever was an exceptional artist who can grab firmly the pop genre, while still dipping into indie folk enough to draw more stubborn listeners, it is Harrison Kipner. “Stutter (World Ends)” is a fantastic track with a fun video (and dance) to match.

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