Three unique takes on avant garde “pop” music styles

Tessa Violet – “Wishful drinking”
-I’ve been covering and listening to Tessa Violet for a few years. She’s a FORCE in music today. I was thrilled that we received this song as a submission. Tessa Violet is a YouTube superstar who has legitimate pop songwriting and performing chops. As you can hear in “Wishful drinking,” there’s high quality production, an evocative vocal style, and the kind of lyrics that make fans across the globe. It’s introspective in a gritty, engaging way. This is a powerful track back a bright-burning star. Enjoy the glow-up!

Lovely Assistant – “Read all the meters”
-The cool jazzy energy of this track is amazing. It’s the kind of song that doesn’t tend to make it on the radio in 2020 but absolutely deserves to be on your playlist. Think of it as a cool jazz lounge style in the vein of Lake Street Dive, but with a very personable and accessible feeling. I am definitely a fan of this sound. I appreciate artists willing to take risks like this.

Asher Jaffe – “Solitude”
-This soulful track has an engaging, easy going beat. The vocal is quality. The lyrics will have you thinking about situations in your own life where you wanted to be alone. It’s definitely not a typical pop song you might hear on the radio, but it has a lot of endearing qualities. It’s smart, pulling in the listener both with the groove and the lyrics.

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