Three folk singer songwriters to add to your list of favorites

Fellow Hollow – “Blue”
-This piece of music reminds me of some really wonderful folk acts like Bears Den, Darlingside, and even Fleet Foxes. The lush textures between the acoustic guitar and the vocal harmonies are absolutely stunning. This is the kind of song you find and just stop everything; who ARE these people? It’s a wonderful composition that will have you basking it glorious harmonies. The lyrics are a bit hard to follow (very much like Darlingside), but the mood is worth the experience.

Emily James – “That’d be alright”
-If you’ve been reading my folk columns for any length of time, you know all about Emily James. She’s a talented singer songwriter who continues to impress with song after song. Her artistry, songwriting, and vocals are all at an incredibly high level. I really appreciate the approachable style of this track; it’s a common theme about worrying while we watch the world. There’s a hopefulness to the lyrics, kind of like Lennon’s “Imagine,” that inspires the listener. Yes, it would be alright. Maybe someday, Emily. Here’s hoping.

Canyon City – “Ferris Wheels”
-Canyon City is an act that I’d featured many times. The endearing, personable vocal and lyrical styles continue to feel like hearing from an old friend. Canyon City brims with nostalgia on “Ferris Wheels.” If you’ve ever looked back on your life and thought about how it seems like time goes really fast, then you’ll be able to connect with the mood of this piece. There are some warm harmonies throughout the track. This one seems perfect for a fireplace playlist. (PS – that trumpet… my heart)

Image credit: Emily James IG

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