Three exciting new folk tunes for your midweek

Cass and Crossland – “Bar song”
-If you like the up tempo folk sound of the Lumineers and the Oh Hellos, you’ll love this new song from Cass and Crossland. It’s got a nice singalong energy to it. It’s the feel good song we need for 2020 after so much DIFFICULT and sad stuff. If I was putting together a New Year’s playlist, I would certainly include this song. It’s a hand-clappy good folk-filled time!

Moylan – “Winter”
-This is a wonderful piece of music. The understated acoustic guitar establishes a good basis, but the vocal really wins the day. It’s like being inside of a poem. There’s a comforting, sweet quality about the song that I can’t quite put into words. Please, still your heart and spend some time focusing on this piece of music. It’s ideal for a winter time coffeeshop playlist. We’re thrilled to feature it here.

Kylie V – “On my mind”
-This track definitely has a mood to it that I enjoy. The song’s energy is both dark and comfortable at the same time. The easy going energy of the vocalist is soothing. The rising style of the guitars and the percussion definitely wake up the listener, especially on the chorus. It’s a unique alt rock track with some folk textures that some of our readers are sure to love.

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