Three Americana tracks to make you fall in love with the genre all over again

John Mark Nelson – “Good to be home”
-This is a beautiful nostalgic piece of music that will have you thinking about the holidays. In a year where many will not see family, this song will be a bit bittersweet. It’s easy going, relaxing folk-influenced music. If you like acoustic guitar and a gentle lead vocal, definitely give this track a shot. It’s very soothing and I’m listening to it a lot this year.

Melissa Erin – “Whole lotta nothin'”
-If I gave a “best new Americana artist” award, I would give it to Melissa Erin. She’s been one of my favorite finds of 2020, that’s for sure. This song has the expressive sincerity of classic country music. I could picture this one getting applause at the Bluebird Cafe. It’s rare to find a new song with this kind of truthtelling and resonance. Melissa Erin’s vocal is good but the lyrics will stop you in your tracks. Give this one a spin, friends. It’s impressive.

Ethan Stokes Tischler and the Gawler Sisters – “All will be well”
-If you’re looking for a traditional, almost gospel sound, give this track a spin. The guitar and fiddle work well together. The vocals, though, are definitely the shining point of the song. In a world where it does not feel like things will be “well,” it is an act of faith to declare them as well. There’s a definite gospel message to this song. It reminds me of my family (some long time gospel singers in their own right) and I’m happy to support this kind of music. If I don’t see them for a concert here, I’ll sing with them on the other shore. All will be friends. Declare it.

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