Turkey and Tinsel: Holiday Playlist #3

Micah Edwards – “December 26”

This one has a solid soulful vibe your holiday needs. Complete with a clean electric guitar and Jason Mraz style vocals, this is strong enough to last all year long. It is rare that our first exposure of a new favorite artist is a Holiday track, but this one breaks all sort of norms. The gift that keeps giving, “December 26” is a fantastic holiday original. We are excited to hear what this artist will do in 2021.

Kodaline – “This Must Be Christmas”

Kodaline are one of our readers favorite acts. So it only makes sense that we share this near perfect Holiday ballad with you. “This Must Be Christmas” carries with it the perfect amount of melancholy, while still beautifully showcasing the band’s immense talent. We are convinced the Irish act can play any style and make it compelling. If you prefer the more mellow and introspective Holiday style, then this one is our gift to you.

Bear’s Den – “Christmas Hopefully”

“Christmas Hopefully” plays like an old friend or warm sweater. The track feels familiar but also new. The songwriting is intentional and thoughtful, which perhaps perfectly sums up the act. While we are often pessimistic of “Holiday” tracks, if more of them sounded this way, we would be happy to deck the halls. This one is special.

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