Impressive Songwriters to be Thankful For

John John Brown – “On Black Friday I Met Jesus”

There are a few things that immediately win us over if you want us to pay attention to your art. First, theological songwriting that can be both sardonic and deep. This songwriter is absolutely one of the best in this field and reminds us of his influence John Prine (another bonus for us). Like Prine, Brown can tip sacred cows with humor, while winning listeners over in non-threatening, yet profound ways. Yet another advantage John John Brown has, is his name. As history buffs, especially Civil War era history, we are geeks for the former abolitionist and former Ohio resident. All this to say, John John Brown has many reasons for us to love him, but perhaps his greatest strength, is he is a damn fine songwriter. With earnestness and humility, he crafts a must hear track.

Mike Rauss – “Somethings”

This one is utterly compelling. Just subdued enough to draw listeners in, the soulful artist relies on his talent to craft a chill and beautiful tune. “Somethings” reminds us of some our favorite Chet Faker tracks, while still being delightfully modern. This Israeli artist is a must listen if you love thoughtful and expressive songwriting, mixed with a solid groove. “Somethings” plays to the moment with relevance and resolve.

Mike Mains & The Branches – “Briggs”

This is one of the most respected, yet criminally underexposed acts in music today. Their songwriting has been solid for years, while instrumentally they continue to explore new territory. With talent and goodwill, the act has decided to release a new cinematic video for a fan-favorite “Briggs”. With rising vocals and a new arrangement, this track shows a tightness of band chemistry, while impressing new listeners with an immense talent. The video is a perfect place to adore the band if you haven’t listened to them for awhile, while a fantastic introduction if you are new to them.

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