Perfect Indie Holiday Playlist: Part 2

Hannah Campbell – “For the Kids”

This is not the typical festive Christmas jam, and perhaps this is its strength. Carrying a bit of her own creative magic, songwriter Hannah Campbell crafts an emotive and relatable track that is good for any part of the year. Dealing with isolation and these current times, Campbell wrote before the pandemic but saw this as the perfect time to release. “This song talks about missing that feeling of magic and closeness and wonder that I felt around this time of year as a kid,” says the artist. “I might not get to be with my family for the festive season, and I haven’t seen them since March, so to go home for the holidays is all I want, it would actually be the perfect gift.” It is worth a listen, whether you dig holiday tracks or not.

 King Cardinal – “Holes in my Sweater”

Last year, this act sent us one of our favorite holiday tracks, despite our Grinch-like pessimism for Christmas songs. So, when we came across this one, we were pretty stoked. It carries a more folk sing-a-long style and optimism your 2020 may need. The act released “Holes in my Sweater” as their 6th annual holiday track, and if you are interested in the genre done with folk hope and Americana sensibilities, then look no further than an increasingly special act.

Danielle Cormier – “This Time Last Year”

This piano ballad track gives us all the feels. The personal track, inspired by the loss of her father, Danielle Cormier shows her exceptional talent, while providing hope in her textured sound. Yes, it is emotional, but it never leans into sap, but rather shows a maturity that is often too rare to find in the genre. We appreciate this artist for her openness, as much as her skill. Holiday music is best when it is hopeful, while still bringing some melancholy with it to the party. Cormier realizes this and beautifully brings this relationship to life.

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