Three neoclassical pieces to bring calm in uncertain times

Tristan Eckerson – “Soma”
-The timing of this piece is really captivating, pulling the listener in right from the start. It’s almost hypnotic in the way the left hand waltzes and the right hand tells a story. The combination is quintessential neoclassical writing. I am intrigued to know more about the piece and what it means, but I can say that it’s certainly a bit of a portal to another intellectual world for me. It opens possibilities – and I love that.

Shayan Hashemi – “They’ll be in our heart”
-One two three four five six… prepare to count your little waltz timing heart out with this beautiful piece from Hashemi. The dynamics on it are stunning. I can imagine this would be a beautiful piece to dance to (although I don’t know much about classical dance). The melody of this piece feels wonderfully familiar and new, which is exactly how one should feel about neoclassical music. This is a delight.

Zachary Bruno – “it’ll be ok”
-You can’t be in a hurry when you listen to Bruno’s writing. It’s stoic; it’s lethargic, even. It’s unrushed. It’s also gorgeous. The space between the notes makes the notes emerge; it makes them glisten. The punctuated precise and minimal style cuts into my soul in a way that other, busier compositions simply cannot accomplish. This makes me FEEL the keys beneath my fingers and the pressure of the headphones on my ears; this is aesthetic, peaceful, and beautiful.

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