Thursday 3: The best mix of styles you’ll hear

Oscilla – “This Kind of Love”

The voice of Frances England (aka Oscilla) has a beautiful croon. It has a rare disarming quality we don’t find much. Lyrically, it tells the story of her and her husband who took a road trip after marriage, only to find themselves settling on the west coast. Telling the story of marriage and commitment, it is one of the more honest, while hopeful, depictions of commitment we have found. The folkish sound is deceptively easygoing, showcasing gentle layers with ease and talent. We absolutely love this artist, their story, and their ability to connect with listeners.

Sprints – “Manifesto”

We love the biting confident edge of Irish post punk act Sprints. The 4 piece finds a sound that is near combustible while surprising listeners with every note. The chorus has a bit of a pop melody, while the rest of the song blazes a unique trail through rock genre with reckless abandon. The end result works with heart and punk energy. Their 4 track EP is a great exploration of musical possibility, but if we can confess, it left us wanting more. We are already looking forward to hearing how this act continues honing their palpable talent with exciting and emotive styles. This is a rock act you need to get your ears on.

The Paper Kites (feat. Julia Stone) – “Without Your Love”

“Without Your Love” is a slow burning jam that leads to a big payoff. Both the act and the featured singer Julia Stone, share vocal duties before coming together later on in elegant dark beauty. The vocal styles contrast each other nicely and show a group of musicians at the top of their craft. For their new album, Paper Kites were able to recruit an impressive lineup of guests. It is worth your time and focus.

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