2020 Needs These Exceptional Songwriters

Nisa – “Bottom Feeder”

There is something special about this track. The guitar style is bright and comforting while vocally it is engaging and uplifting. The instrumentation intentionally nods to “Heroes” by David Bowie, which sort of explains the breath of influence and talent of the young artist. This year, we are looking for as many upbeat tracks we can find. If you need a pick-me-up as well, check out her debut EP “Guilt Trip”.

America Jayne – “Boy”

The songwriting of America Jayne is some of the best we have heard this year. The storytelling is vivid, nostalgic, and relatable. Covering the wreckage of adult relationships, we would hold “Boy” up to any contemporary hit of 2020. If you like songwriters like Phoebe Bridgers and Torres, then you need to check out the emotive and vulnerable stories of America Jayne.

Jessica Lea Mayfield – “Daddy Boyfriend”

Mayfield has been a long favorite of our site. Her ability to change styles, succeeding at all of them, is uncanny and effortless. After a few years of personal ups and downs, the artist is back with her signature vocals, hanging on to the fuzzed guitar work she has leaned towards in recent efforts. There are few artists as skilled and vulnerable as JLM, her talent is sorely underrated. We are looking forward to even more new tracks from this exceptional artist.

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