Incredible Breakout Songwriters

Matt Hires – “Break No More”

One would be hard-pressed to find a more exceptional talent than songwriter Matt Hires. His vocal vulnerability transcends barrier, connecting with listeners of all preference. “Break No More” plays prophetic as the artist faces darkness, tells the truth, and wins hearts. His newest album, now a decade in to an impressive career, is perhaps his tightest musically as well as his best. American Wilderness tackles this modern life head on, undertaking topics such as faith and identity with his incredible voice and aim. This is an artist who you need to hear, especially in this current moment.

Evenson – “How Can I Sleep”

If you want an artist who is made for the moment – capturing the zeitgeist of this age – then let us introduce you to Evenson. The talented songwriter has talent for miles, while never being limited by genre or insecurity. His timely track “How Can I Sleep” showcases his immense talent for drawing listeners in with dance inducing grooves and lyrical mastery. Evenson has been on our radar for awhile now, and is one of those few artists who will impress with his limitless influences. We love the track and video.

Beharie – “Me and My Lonely”

Norwegian songwriter Beharie has a talent for crafting soothing and soulful tracks. His current single, “Me and My Lonely”, put us at ease with a peaceful and beautifully textured style we definitely needed. His talent is on full display in the arrangement, especially within the climax. Complete with cellos, expert finger picking, and backing vocals, this is an artist who shows his true craftsmanship. He has the ability to layer tracks with beautiful moments, while never pushing or rushing styles which don’t fit. It is a rare talent and we think you will agree.

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