Three folk singer songwriters you want to know

Darryl Rahn – “Masterpiece”
-From the first time I heard “Masterpiece” I was hooked. Rahn recorded it for an NPR Tiny Desk audition earlier this year and it’s SO GOOD. I was happy to get a chance to chat with him in an interview earlier this year. The plaintive, narrative folk style is absolutely engaging. The humble lyrics are really intriguing to me. I genuinely hope Rahn gets a shot and if I ever own a venue, I can’t wait to invite him. If any labels are reading this, give Rahn a shot. He’s the real deal.

Madeline Finn – “Whippoorwill”
-The easy going style of this track is captivating. It makes me lean in and really pay attention to Finn’s lyrics. There’s something poetic about envisioning the whippoorwill. Finn’s expressive vocal style reminds me a bit of Elizabeth Gundersen. I am definitely going to be adding this list to my folk list on Soundcloud and will keep a close eye on her career.

The Long War – “Once in a lifetime”
-I’m a sucker for downtempo folk music. If it’s about love, has a quality lead vocal, and a nice electric guitar hook… well, then I’m really sold. Once the delicate harmonies entered the track, I was ready to slowdance with my best girl. It’s a beautiful song befitting of a good romantic slow dance. I wish that this was what passed as “country” these days; it’s an engaging style that puts a smile on my face.

Image courtesy: Madeline Finn IG

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