Your 1st Xmas Playlist

It has been a wild year to say the least. We here at Ear to the Ground have your back. Like Santa, we strive all year to bring you joy and reprieve from the depths of despair outside your door. We traditionally get tons of Holiday tunes, and while they typically are not our favorite genre, we do occasionally find some heartfelt and downright intriguing tracks. This is our attempt at Holiday cheer. Enjoy!

Mr.Tyler Larson – “Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy”

We especially appreciate the video game feel about this one. With the ’20 release of a slew of fancy new gaming systems, Mr.Tyler Larson reminds us of the true meaning of the holidays: retro gaming. Taken from ghosts of gaming past, the artist uses synths and arcade sounds to reimagine a classic. The classically trained artist brings the necessary joy to a tense Holiday season.

Common Jack – “The Christmas Tree is Fake”

When a talented artist like songwriter Common Jack releases a Holiday track, we are immediately appreciative. This one does not disappoint. Crafting nostalgia and emotive storytelling, “The Christmas Tree is Fake” reminds us of some of our warmest Holiday memories. “When I was young, my mom had really bad allergies,” explains the artist. “This meant we had a fake Christmas tree that we kept in the basement storage for 11 months every year. For some reason, that plastic tree is one of my earliest memories of the holidays and my childhood home. This song is about treasuring good memories even if they make you a little sad because time has passed and you’re getting older.” This one is special all year long.

Gina Naomi Baez – “Christmas Candlelight”

Accomplished actor/artist/Youtuber Gina Naomi Baez offers a little ray of hope with her newest track. It comes at the perfect moment in a world that desperately needs refreshment. “Christmas Candlelight” serves as a reminder of what is important – not the gifts, but the more simple things. Vocally, Baez comforts as she encourages, but never comes off sentimental or cliché. This a beautiful seasonal reminder that despite the circumstances, things might just be alright.

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