Three peaceful neoclassical tracks

Sherwood Roberts – “You in the rain”
-This is a captivating tune from Sherwood Roberts, one of the most-covered neoclassical artists I’ve discovered this year. Roberts has the remarkable ability to create emotive pieces that also bring calm. It’s not all movement and not all simplicity; the balance is simply captivating. I find the variations on this theme to be rewarding with each listen. Roberts is already a fixture in neoclassical music; I suspect he will stay here for a long time.

Barry Hudson-Taylor – “Connotations”
-The relaxing energy of the piano on this track helps to calm the listener right away. If you slow down and listen closely, you can hear some of the mechanics of the piano in the recording. I appreciate that the piece is not rushed; it develops slowly with its own rewards. I don’t know the full message of the piece, but to me it’s more like an open winding road; you can explore it as you choose intellectually and personally.

Eric D. Lawrence – “Memories”
-Something about this piece feels familiar, but I’m certain I never heard it before the submission came across my desk. I suppose the style reminds me a bit of church music. The tone on the piano and overall phrasing style is conversational, which reminds me of chats with friends over the years. It’s a nice way to calmly reminisce about some people I care deeply about.

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