3 Outstanding Tuesday Tracks

Denney – “Who We Are”

This one is beautiful. The gentle instrumentation puts listeners at ease, while the vocals lull with a incredible croon. The UK artist has been at it for awhile. Starting at age 11, her experience shows as her pop sound is more matured than many of her peers. For those who are leery of stagnant pop, the vulnerability of Denney is refreshing and greatly appreciated.

For Tuesday – “Count Me In”

For Tuesday have a knack for drawing listeners in with an emotive sound. Utilizing surprising textures sonically, the band crafts a large sound that hits us with endless nostalgia. We are reminded of why we love acts like Minus the Bear, when we hear this young act. Both acts blend styles that leave listeners with strong feels. Perhaps our favorite part of “Count Me In” is the impressive synth solo that helps to round out the talent and beauty found in the track.

Moon Mouth – “Ghost”

This one is great. The harmonies that introduce us to the act, are some of the most arresting we have heard all year. Mixed with a great guitar tone that helps reinforce the ghostly title. “Ghost” is an exceptional effort by a seasoned duo of exceptional musicians. Genre wise, it leaps over country, Americana, and good old southern rock, while never landing in one limiting space. Moon Mouth have loads of talent to offer all listeners, regardless of preference.

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