Weekend Hits: Talented Singer Songwriters

Young Ritual – “Together, Alone”

The mood of this act may be mellow at times, but just beneath the surface is a tinderbox of emotion. The sound crafted here, somewhere in between post rock and college rock, is incredible. Lyrically, it paints a vivid and unflinching picture reminiscent of Bright Eyes. However, the band’s strength is how it switches genres seamlessly. The end of “Together, Alone” climaxes with a near psych experience that shows just how talented they are.

Maybe Babs – “Simple Life”

Art doesn’t get much better than this. A vulnerable and transfixing songwriter, Maybe Babs shows the depth of talent for both storytelling and arrangement with “Simple Life”. Vocally it is beautiful, but also speaks with confidence and clarity. The pedal steel gives the track a haunting vibe, while blurring countless genre lines. It is difficult for us to share just how much we love this track and artist.

Sara Jelley – “Holes”

As far as the singer songwriter style goes, you can’t get much better than Sara Jelley. On her latest effort, the artist crafts a subdued track which showcases her vocals. Her interesting style, never conforms but always intrigues. The arrangement is scarce, but tight with a beautiful trumpet part. The talent of this artist is palpable and worth a listen.

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