Three neoclassical piece for your peaceful enjoyment

Justus Rumenapp – “Autumn days”
-Looking out my window, I see the autumn days in my reality. I’ve never thought of them with such a music box sentiment until this piece. It’s beautifully captivating. I plan to rake up and remove the leaves this coming weekend, but until then I will enjoy their beauty as they fall. I suppose there’s an allegory there; but the piece of music allows the imagination to wander with gorgeous melodic lines. It’s expressive and endearing.

Jacco Wynia – “La danse”
-I don’t know all the technical terms for what this piece is doing. I like the dynamics of the piece both in terms of tempo and volume. It feels a bit more like traditional classical than what we tend to feature, but it just… hit me in an emotional way. I feel that there’s something special about this piece and I wanted to share it with others. It’s a beautiful style that speaks to me personally. I won’t try to dance to it, but I will enjoy it with my morning coffee.

Re Mida – “Shadows of a Landscape”
-The peaceful style of this composition struck me right away. The piano acts as two different voices, with one more prominent and the other more expressive. They seem to meet in the middle to cultivate something that is greater than the two parts. I needed this blood pressure reducing piece of music today, of all days. I hope readers appreciate this one as well.

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