Three Americana tracks you will enjoy

Hair – “OK”
-This is a cool song that sounds like it emerged from the 60s. I’ll always be a fan of these kind of CSNY style harmonies. I like the filter on the guitars that give them this vintage energy. The overall style will make you feel young again… and for some of us, it’ll be like a time machine to an era that you didn’t get to experience in person.

Robert Chaney – “Whatshisname”
-Chaney’s been a cool addition to my Americana rotation here in 2020. The clever lyrics on this one remind me a bit of John Prine. The spite in the lyrics is captured beautifully. If you’ve ever seen an old flame with their new beau, this song will hit you right in the heart. The easy going “drink another round” honkytonk two step is perfect. It’s a great mix of style, substance, vocal, and lyrics.

Becky Krill – “We play”
-Becky Krill’s vocal is really nice, putting a smile on your face at first listen. Something about the phrasing of the first verse here reminds me of a hymn. The more I listen to the song, the more I realize there’s definitely an intentional gospel flavor. I always like an Americana tune with a gospel core… when you add in a subtle trumpet part… well, now we’re cooking. I appreciate the artful originality of this one.

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