Dreamy and Expressive Songwriters You Need to Hear

LaevendelDarkness Loves Cold”

How do we explain this one? Seriously. Words like “beautiful”, “captivating”, and “emotive” are certainly correct, but we find them lacking a little bit. “Darkness Loves Cold” has a captivating warmth which we are hard-pressed to find a rival. Vocally it is arresting, stopping us in our tracks while compelling us to pay attention. Musically, the artist uses loop pedals creatively while pulling inspiration from some of our favorite artists. This one is a cannot miss listen.

Jess Corbett – “Seasons (Future Islands Cover)”

So we accept very few covers on our site, and we get TONS of them sent to us. We take the bullet for you dear reader. But, when we do find one, it is always exceptional. Case in point the Future Islands cover by the impressively talented songwriter Jess Corbett. While one of our favorite original tracks, we were skeptical when we came across an alternative take. Yet, Corbett surprised us with a fresh imagining of a haunting song. Her style comes through with her trademark melancholy and allure. It is a little dreamy, a little folky, and even a little darkly poppy, but without a doubt, it works.

Luke De-Sciscio – “Dream State”

The music of De-Sciscio is deeply meaningful to us. And while we are perhaps running out of adjectives to describe his reflective art, we are ever grateful for the free spirit he produces some of our favorite work with. On his latest effort “Dream State”, we are introduced to an artist who’s sound is connected to the environment both figuratively and literally. Exploring a refreshing sonic space, as well as the space between our ears, the artist continues to refine his creativity while still letting it breathe. Any description we give of his latest effort would stand in the way. It is beautiful and almost without need of labels or description. Simply stream and let it wash over you.

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