Your Essential Tuesday Rock

Weal – “New York Noise”

We appreciate bands that let music lead their art. Weal do this in an exceptional way, but more importantly, have the musical chops to build suspense and mood. Their post rock instrumentation is tight and mature, while still mining new ground. The atmosphere they create is at the forefront and is a perfect soundtrack for 2020. On “New York Noise”, the vocals kick in around 4 minutes in and only add to the textured sound. There is a ton to love about this act.

TOLEDO – “Challenger”

Everything this act puts out is worth checking out. While we don’t always love every track, we can see why many do. More likely than not, we cannot wait to write about their latest single, which seem to appear at an impressive clip. The act mixes indie rock and indie pop with a tight maturity that is well beyond their youthful earnestness. “Challenger” shows off a depth of talent, while dreamily weaving a textured sound that will attract many.

Øzwald – “Fair Thee Well”

This indie rock duo have released an impressive amount of music recently. While balancing more than a few covers, which you should check out, the act has dropped exceptional tracks like “Fair Thee Well”. While this year has brought out an understandingly large amount of melancholic and downright angry music, this duo brings our hopes up with dreamy but hopeful track. The act have a lot of experience crafting thoughtful singles with their former act Lifehouse, and this has boded well for them. On their newer endeavor, the act showcase a talent, chemistry, and focus that impresses and benefits listeners.

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