3 Challenging / Incredible Must-Hear Acts

Jillian Lake – “Walk All Over You”

We have difficulty properly classifying Jillian Lake. The songwriter seems to endlessly challenge our categories, pushing beyond normal genre classification. Her vocals are incredibly compelling, as they blend folk, pop, and Dido – esque territory. Sonically, the textures and sounds crafted here are equally as alluring, challenging listeners in the expanse of sound. The end result is adoration. We love artists like this who are incredibly talented and never play it safe.

Luke De-Sciscio – “Casuals”

The music of De-Sciscio has been with us like our favorite warm cardigan. His music never ceases to comfort while it challenges us to both pay attention and exhale. On “Casuals”, we find an introspective songwriter who has yet again found new territory to mine. It is no exaggeration for us to classify De-Sciscio as one of our favorite songwriters. His expression, creativity, and vulnerable warmth, makes us forever fans. In the turbulent times we are all currently living in, music like this is endlessly appreciated.

Ultra Major – “Disaster”

This is quintessential indie rock. The vocals are emotive and raw, reminding us of some of our favorite acts (a la Manchester Orchestra). The sound is incredibly tight and crackles with a band chemistry that is palpable. On “Disaster”, we hear a ’90’s rock influence similar to Pixies, while still playing like a modern sound that will take ahold of listeners of all types. The end result is pretty special and incredibly intriguing.

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