3 Must Hear Rock Acts

Evenson – “How Can I Sleep”

We have been impressed with the art of songwriter Evenson for awhile now. With his latest release, “How Can I Sleep”, his track toward super indie stardom is cemented. Mixing his Coldplay – esque style – which shows just how incredible this singular artist is – he brings in funk and pop elements with pop precision. His talent is found in how he can walk the line between conscious lyrics with pop fun. There is a lot to love of the new track, but we cannot get enough of the throwback sax style.

Phantom Atlantic – “No Way to Live”

2020 has pushed us to listen to more impassioned rock. The atmosphere has pushed the creative boundaries, and we are grateful. The music of Phantom Atlantic is some of this solid rock that we are glad we have found. Melodic and loud, the group mix some throwback rock, with an urgently modern rock style that will leave listeners wanting more. If you love soaring rock vocals, with anthem sized sounds similar to 30 Seconds to Mars, then Phantom Atlantic may just become your new favorite act.

Great Peacock – “Learning to Say Goodbye”

This is an act that has flown criminally just under our radar for far too long. These road warriors have built a career the honest way, through earnest and unpretentious craftsmanship. We are reminded of some of the best work of artists like David Ramirez when we hear the melancholic “Learning to Say Goodbye”. The climax alone, in which the band declares “its ok to be alone”, is what makes it a painfully relevant track for our new age. This is a can’t miss act.

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